The Messenger of Alláh – may Alláh bestow peace and benedictions upon him and his Progeny – said: “Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things (thaqalayn) among you: the Book of God and my kindred (`itrah) my household (Ahl al­Bayt), for indeed, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the Pond (of al­Kawthar on the Judgment’s Day).”


“The IEC is a non-profit religious, educational organization. The IEC’s members are believers and followers of Islam as prescribed in the Holy Quran and explained by Prophet Mohammad and descendants the 12 Imams (Peace be upon them).”


The IEC is now available for special events within the Islamic guidelines for weddings, birthdays, and Islamic meetings, etc. The IEC usage form is available in the IEC lobby. The event will be saved in the IEC Event Calendar by submitting the signed form to one of the Board Members listed on the bulletin board in the IEC lobby. Instructions on arranging the event is also listed on the bulletin board in the lobby.



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