Burial Process

Options for a Muslim Burial:

Muslim body pick-up and preparation(washing) for burial.

  • Masjid Al Haay: Musarrat Dewji 516-233-0858; Yousuf Chando 610-737-5382
  • HIC: Raza Jan Muhammed 407-402-4540; Shabbir Jamal 407-221-7019

Options for a Muslim graveyard in Orlando and surrounding areas:

  • Husseini Gardens in Ocoee contact: Raza Jan Muhammed 407-402-4540 or ShabbirJamal 407-221-7019
  • Garden of Peace (Rawdat Al Salam) across the street from the IEC of Florida

Note: this cemetery is adjacent to the Baldwin Park/Chapel Hill Cemetery BUT it is owned and operated by Masjid Al-Rahman on Goldenrod Road Orlando, FL.

The IEC of Florida has a written agreement with Masjid Al Rahman to be allow member of the IEC of Florida to purchase individuals plots in this Muslim graveyard. If further information contact: Sister Debbie Moulavi from the IEC of Florida 407-421-6265 OR call Sister Diana Serrano (from Masjid Al-Rahman) 407-250-5822 or 407-273-8363 if on Tuesday – Friday or at night OR Sister Daka (from Masjid Al-Rahman) 407-273-8363. Ask for the IEC of Florida graveyard pricing (includes the opening and closing of the grave, the vault, graveyard maintenance and standard granite marker). This pricing has been adjusted per the IEC of Florida’s contact agreement for our members. The IEC member also agree to follow Rawdat Al Salam Rules and Regulations regarding to the graveyard usage regulations.

The Shia Muslim body will be buried according to Shia method and direction which the family member will arrange with their Sheikh or the Muslims who are performing the graveyard service.