Burial Process

Due to Covid 19, the burial process with IEC of Florida has been changed and these changes will remain in place until the restrictions are lifted post containment of the virus.

IEC of Florida has changed its burial process in accordance with the limitations and regulations
that have been placed in effect by Islamic Rules of Jurisprudence, US government and the funeral home regulatory organization. No washing of the body (Gusel) will be done at this time due to the virus and the new regulations. The sealed plastic body bag will not be opened. A cardboard transport box will be used and placed in the grave. The deceased will be brought from Compass Pointe directly to the grave site. The prayers and service will be held at the grave site only. According to the new regulations, large public gatherings at the grave site are restricted according to federal order.

The new restrictions with regards to handling the deceased bodies: ALL decreased individuals, regardless of the cause of death, will be treated with the new precautions that are in place to combat Covid 19.

The following protocol will remain in effect until the US government lifts the restrictions to prevent the spread of this virus.

*NOTE: If the family wishes to have one point of contact for all related issues and purchase a graveyard plot in Husseini Gardens in Ocoee, please contact Raza Jan Muhammed 407-402- 4540 or Brother Shabbir Jamal 407-221-7019. They will handle the body preparation and the graveyard plot preparation.

*NOTE: If the family wishes to purchase a graveyard plot at Garden of Peace 2220 Harrell Road, Orlando please follow that steps below:

STEP 1: Purchase a Grave Plot:

  • Garden of Peace (Rawdat Al Salam) across the street from the IEC of Florida
    Address: 2220 Harrell Road, Orlando, Florida
    Call: Sister Diana Serrano 407-250-5822 OR Sister Daka 407-273-8363

Step 2: Contact Compass Pointe Funeral Home and tell them you are requesting the IEC of Florida’s assistance with the burial.

  • Heather or Chris will arrange the pickup of the deceased: Call: 407-797-6200
    Compass Pointe will need the following information:

    1. Name of the deceased person
    2. Gender
    3. Date of birth and date of death
    4. Social security number
    5. Deceased person’s home address
    6. Current location of the deceased person and the phone number and name of the person responsible for releasing the body
    7. Family contact person’s name, phone number and email address
    8. The name of the graveyard that the plot has been purchased from and where the burial will
      be done


Step 3: Notify the IEC of Florida of the death by calling: Hassan Moulavi 407-497-4308 QR Sayed Yussef Husseiny 407-325-3647 OR Debbie Moulavi 407-421-6265 OR Tabassum Merchant 407-247-6950
The IEC will then be in contact with Compass Pointe to arrange the prayers at the grave site on Harrell Road and will be in contact with the family member.