Burial Process

The IEC Burial Process
 With Compass Pointe

(737 West Colonial Drive Orlando Florida 32804

Phone: 407-797-6200).

What the family of the deceased needs to do:

1- The family would call IEC to request assistance with the burial process:

When a death occurs at IEC call:

Sayed Yussef Husseiny 407-325-3647 / Hassan Moulavi 407-497-4308

Debbie Moulavi 407-421-6265 / Tabassum Merchant 407247-6950

What IEC needs to do after a death has occurred:

2- IEC representative would obtain this information from the family member and call it into Compass Pointe to start the process:

  1. Deceased Name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of Death
  5. Social security number
  6. Family contact name
  7. Family contact phone number and address
  8. Family contact email
  9. Location address of the deceased
  10. Phone number and contact person responsible for body release

The cost of the funeral home is approximately $1,200.00 (in 2019) fee (have the family confirm this with Compass Pointe as prices may change). The plot fee will be according to which grave yard they choose. A donation of $150.00/ $200.00 is recommended to be given to the Sheikh providing the service at the mosque and graveyard.

**The IEC representative will inform the family that Compass Pointe will call them for funeral arrangements and instruct them on making a choice of plot location: Garden of Peace (407-250-5822 OR 407-273-8363) on Harrell Road Orlando or Hosseini Gardens (407-402-4540) in Ocoee. ***

It is up to the family to arrange the payment for Compass Pointe and for the plot purchase.

3- The representative from IEC will call Compass Pointe (Heather or Chris: (407-797-6200) with the above information and the family’s choice of plot if the decision was made.

4– Compass Pointe will call the family to arrange the payment for the funeral costs and to clarify which plot location they are requesting.

5- Compass Pointe will call the plot company of the family’s choice: Hosseini Gardens: Brother JonMohammad : 407-402-4540 or Garden of Peace: Sister Diana Serrano 407-250-5822 or Sister Daka 407-273-8363 and arrange the opening of the plot according to the time line of body release, body preparation and family’s request after the family has purchased the plot. The communication between the funeral home and the plot preparing will be handled by Compass Pointe to ensure the arrival of the deceased at the desired time.

6- The IEC Washing Team will be notified of the time of the washing after Compass Pointe verifies the time of the body arrival. The IEC Washing Team will notify the Sheikh who is providing the prayers and service of the time schedule.

7- The Washing Team will organize the number of individuals needed for the washing and will notify them when to arrive at the funeral home (Compass Pointe) at the time arranged by the IEC representative and Compass Pointe. All supplies for the washing and body preparation will be at the Compass Pointe location.

8- The Washing Team will wash the body and place the deceased in the transport box (which is located at Compass Pointe) and notify Compass Pointe on the completion.


Grave Yard Options:

NOTE: Vault and Granite Plot Marker included in the grave yard price.

1-Garden of Peace (Rawdat Al-Salam) 2220 Harrell Road Orlando, Florida across the street from IEC of Florida. (O): 407-250-5822 ask for Sister Diana Serrano or Sister Daka (O): 407-273-8363 inform her of the arrangement IEC of Florida members have with the grave yard for plot purchase. Payment options: one payment to installment payments are available. NOTE: if a pre-paid plot is being requested Sister Daka will issue a formal receipt of purchase with the seal of Rawdat A-Salam (Garden of Peace) Islamic Cemetery to present when the time arises after the amount for the plot has been paid in full.

2-Hosseini Gardens graveyard in Ocoee, Florida ask for Brother JonMohammad at 407-402-4540

What Compass Pointe will do after a death has been reported to them:

1– Compass Pointe will call the family after IEC notifies them of the death.

2- Compass Pointe will call the family and make arrangements for the payment of the service and body pick up to funeral home.

3- Compass Pointe will also inform the family to call Husseini Gardens (Ocoee, Florida) representative: JonMohammad 407-402-4520 or Garden of Peace representative: Diana Serrano 407-250-5822/ Sister Daka 407-273-8363 for plot purchase and plot number.

4- Compass Pointe will be in contact with the representative of Husseini Gardens graveyard representative: JonMohammad at 407-407-402-4540 or Rawdat Al-Salam, (Garden of Peace) Islamic Cemetery representative: Diana Serrano 407-250-5822/ Sister Daka 407-273-8363 to coordinate the opening of the grave with the body arrival.

5- Compass Pointe will notify IEC representative when the body will arrive at the funeral home (Compass Pointe).

6- Compass Pointe will open the funeral home for the washing preparation after the Washing Team notifies them of their arrival time.

7- Compass Pointe will arrange with the family and IEC the arrival time of the prepared body to the mosque and grave yard after they have arranged this with the family and the plot company.