Quran Competition

Thank you for your interest in the first annual IEC Community Quran Competition.

Please review the guidelines below:

-Open to all communities

-Participants can choose to enter only one of three Tiers from Juz 30.

Tier 1- Surah Naba’-Surah Burooj (difficult)

Tier 2- Surah Tariq – Surah Bayyinah (medium)

Tier 3- Surah Az-Zalzalah – Surah An-Nas (easy)

-Participants will randomly draw and recite two Surahs from their Tier

-Judging will be on memorization, and pronunciation

-Participants who are not IEC members are requested to make a $25 donation to IEC. Payable day of Competition.

-Coaches are available at the weekly Friday IEC program leading up to the competition.

-Prizes will be awarded to winners based on Tier selected

-Competition date is Saturday, June 18th.

-For any questions please email quran.competition.iec@gmail.com

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