Quran Competition

IEC congratulates all the winners of this year’s Quran Competition. Alhamdulillah we had participation from various community members and ages and inshaAllah we’ll see more next year!


2018 Categories

Recitation Category (based on good Tajweed and Voice)

  • Level 1-Surah Al Qadr to Surah Nas
  • Level 2-Surah An Naba to Surah Nas
  • Level 3-Juza Amma, Surah A-Rahman, Al-Jumu’ah, Al-Mulk, Al-Qiyamah, Al-Insan

Memorization Category

  • Junior Level-Under age 5-Ikhlas, Falaq, Nas
  • Level 1-Under age 7-Last 6 Suras plus Hamd
  • Level 2-Age 7-11-Last 12 Suras plus Ayat al Kursi
  • Level 3-Age 12 and up- Sura Qadr to Surah Nas (excluding Surah Bayyinah) plus Ayat al Kursi
  • Level 4-Age 12 and up-Sura Al Fajr to Sura Nas plus Ayat Al Kursi
  • Level 5-Age 12 and up-Juz Amma
  • Level 6- Any 2 Juz