IEC is a nonprofit religious organization practicing and following the tenants of Islam as prescribed in the Holy Quran and taught by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his Ahlul Bayt. We are a multicultural, and multi ethnic community.

IEC condemns all acts of violence and terrorism perpetrated by anyone. We consider daesh, (isis) or any other organization intent on harming people to be an enemy of Islam and humanity.

IEC also condemns the Islamophobia perpetrated throughout the world by those wishing to suppress and misconstrue the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad and his progeny. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about the real Islam to check out our resources page or get in touch with us.

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Asalaam Alaykum and welcome to the 3rd annual Camp Wahdat!

We are very excited that you will be a part of this year’s camp. We have planned both educational and recreational programs that include Eid e Mubahilah celebration, canoeing, rock wall climbing, rifle range, break-out sessions with Ulema and more. Insha’Allah we can develop stronger relationships with our fellow brothers & sisters through the camp, and achieve further unity (Wahdat).

Camp Info:

$49 for 1 person

$79 for 2

$99 for family of 3 or more

Children under 3 are free

Check in Saturday, September 16 at 10 am

Check out Sunday, September 17 at 3:30 pm

Address: 221 S Binion Rd, Apopka, FL 32703
Phone: (407) 886-1240

16 Air conditioned cabins. Dining Hall and outdoor pavilion for meals, meeting space and camp fires. The property is 70 acres and has a Junior Olympic Pool, 2 Lakes, High ropes and Rock Climbing Tower, Archery, Basketball Courts, Sports Fields and more.

Email: campwahdat@gmail.com
To register, click HERE

The deadline to register is September 9th!



We encourage you to become a member at IEC to help us sustain our programs and services. Please click here to fill out a membership form.
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Welcome to the Islamic learning center. Click here for information about the schedule and classes.

For more information Please contact us at islamiclearningcenter@gmail.com

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In conjunction with Compass Pointe, IEC offers Muslim Burial services.

If a death occurs, the family of the deceased needs to do:

1-Call an IEC representative below and request body preparation and provide the name of the family contact and phone number and body location.

IEC Contact Information:

Br. Hassan: 407-497-4308

Sister Debbie: 407-421-6265

Sister Tabassum: 407-247-6950

OR any board member and they will rely the message to the Washing Team

2- The IEC representative will contact Compass Pointe and notify them of the death, location of the body and the family contact name and phone number. Compass Pointe will contact the family from this point.

3- The IEC Washing Team will be notified of the time of the washing after Compass Pointe verifies the time of the body arrival.

4- Compass Pointe will notify the family of the grave yard option in Ocoee, Florida if the family wishes to bury the deceased there.

If the family wishes to utilize Husseini Gardens graveyard, the representative is Brother Jan Mohammad. He can be contacted to purchase a grave plot by calling 407-402-4540 if they wish to bury the body in Ocoee, Florida .

Compass Pointe

737 West Colonial Drive Orlando Florida 32804

Phone: 407-797-6200



The IEC is now available for special event rentals within the Islamic guidelines for weddings, birthdays, seminars and other events.

Please contact the Board for information.